Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 Update: Anniversary Events & Rewards

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Honkai: Star Rail's latest update, version 2.1, brings a host of exciting events and rewards for players to enjoy. The game is set to celebrate its first anniversary with generous login rewards, live events, and anniversary rewards. The "Cosmodyssey" event offers stellar


Honkai: Star Rail's latest update, version 2.1, is packed with exciting events and rewards for players. The game, known for its captivating sci-fi RPG experience, has been consistently delivering fresh content with each update.

In the previous version 2.0, the introduction of Penacony expanded the game with new characters and exploration areas, marking the debut of a whole new playable world. Now, with version 2.1, the game is gearing up to celebrate its first anniversary in grand style.

Hoyoverse has revealed a plethora of anniversary rewards and special events to mark this significant milestone. Players can look forward to a generous offering of free login rewards, including 20 Star Rail special passes as a seven-day login bonus and 1,600 Stellar Jades. Additionally, live events will be hosted at various locations worldwide to honor the anniversary of Honkai: Star Rail.

As the community eagerly anticipates these in-game celebrations, the excitement and anticipation continue to build for what promises to be a memorable anniversary for Honkai: Star Rail players.In the latest update of "Honkai: Star Rail", version 2.1 introduces a range of exciting events and features for players to enjoy. Here's a breakdown of what to expect:

  • The "Cosmodyssey" event marks the anniversary with stellar jades, a new in-game phone wallpaper, and valuable resources such as self-modeling resin and tracks of destiny.

  • Two new events, "Vignettes in a Cup" and "Tides of War", will be added to the game, offering players engaging gameplay experiences.

  • The return of "Realm of the Strange" and "Planar Fissure" with new "300%" variants, providing increased drop rates for relics and planar ornaments.

Additionally, a variety of time-limited events and rewards will be available, including:- "Trailblaze Mission: The Devil in Velvet", which will be permanently available following the launch of version 2.1.- "Event Warp: Words of Yore" and "Laic Pursuit", available from the launch of version 2.1 until April 17.- "Event Warp: Gilded Imprisonment" and "Gentle Eclipse of the Moon", available from April 17 through May 7.- "Festive Gifts", "Anniversary Celebration Mail", "Planar Fissure 300%", "Realm of the Strange 300%", "Vignettes in a Cup", "Tides of War", "Nameless Honor", and "Bundle: Herta Contracts", each available for specific periods following the launch of version 2.1.

Get ready to dive into the action and make the most of these thrilling events in "Honkai: Star Rail" version 2.1!

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